Our Groups: Italian Mens and Italian Ladies Committee


Giulia Barbaro, Lucia Catena, Teresa Mirgliano

The parish has been fortunate indeed that these two committees functioning over a number of years have contributed significantly to the growth of the parish. Initially formed to help with fundraising via social events and coordinating the various saints day festivals, these groups play a vital role today in continuing these important traditions. The Mens Committee have overall responsibility for the practical arrangements of the religious festas and are willing helpers for the regular working bees. With the ageing of the local population, the Italian Ladies Committee have undertaken the important task of regularly bringing holy communion to the sick and infirm of the parish and assisting with funeral ministry and the Friday night memorial Masses.

Dino Biasibetti, John Greco, Luigi Cavedon, Renato Catena

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Lena Cavedon
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